We are Solvaro



We want to do extraordinary things – and we take an innovative, forward-thinking approach in order to provide our customers with optimal solutions. We aren’t afraid to break with convention and explore new paths. We’re only satisfied when we’ve found exactly the right solution to your problem. To reach our goals, we rely on our tireless, resolute and hands-on mentality, our desire to make sure that every detail is perfect, and our extensive network of partners. SOLVARO – this is innovation.


We’ve been creative thinkers and providers of solutions designed with progress in mind since day one. We have more than 10 years of experience as pioneers in engineering and project management. Or, as we call it: BRAINGINEERING. Our success and growth speak for themselves – and encourage us in our work.


We are always looking for ways to optimise our processes with a view to sustainable production that conserves resources. After all, we can only provide you with the best possible service, offer products tailored to your requirements and continue to be successful in the future if the environment remains unspoiled.

"We are creative thinkers and providers of solutions designed with progress in mind."

Gerhard Bullinger, General Manager

We know where we came from and where we’re going. Our history has helped to shape our future – and will continue to do so. Our company forefathers Seidl & Mayer were the first to show that it often takes a different, new and creative approach to solve a problem. Starting in 1875, the two entrepreneurs manufactured perforated sheets for various applications. We have continued this 140-year tradition since our company was founded in 2008, supplying industrial customers with custom perforated metal components that help them meet their goals.

Customer Relationship

We are expert developers and producers, and  above all, a reliable partner for many leading companies throughout Europe. Still, we’re not content to rest on our laurels: we’re continuing to invest in innovative technologies, production and automation solutions, and new services to round out our portfolio for you.