The Solvaro Foundation


The SOLVARO Foundation, which operates in Hungary, supports foster families which provide homes for orphaned children. Especially families which take in multiple – or disabled – children rely on additional help, as the mere governmental support provided for them is not enough.

After the painful loss of their parents, these children have had to learn what it is like to fend for themselves and to feel completely alone. This causes real and lasting trauma. These children deserve a loving home and a stable support network to help them on their journey into an independent life. Lump-sum support grants aren’t enough to provide long-term care that is tailored to children’s individual needs, which is why the SOLVARO Foundation has now hired a social worker specifically to help families. To make sure that each and every child gets the support they need quickly, our social worker visits the children every week, allowing us to deliver intensive, highly personal care that makes time for children’s everyday problems. Our social worker is on hand to help children with whatever they are struggling with, from health or developmental problems to school-related issues to fostering their talent – she will even help them look for jobs. Parents are also encouraged to consult our social worker with any concerns they may have.

We want to deliver a clear message to the children we support and the foster families that care for them: you are not alone! You are valuable members of society and you deserve the same opportunities as anybody else! If by the end of the programme the children we support are navigating their lives successfully, it means we’ve done our job successfully.

Márta Merényi
+36 30 925 7592


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