Corrosion protection by Solvaro – No chance for rust

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A step-by-step method for maximising component lifetimes

The lifetime of perforated metal components largely depends on the quality of the surface coating. In addition to the component’s functionality and aesthetics, we at Solvaro attach the utmost importance to the durability of the corrosion protection. After all, in practical use the metal components have to withstand the most adverse weather conditions, stone chipping and aggressive dirt.

Providing a durable coating for perforated metal components is a science in its own right – since coating processes are stretched to their limits with 184,000 perforations per square metre of hexagonal metal component. Unlike solid sheet, a perforated sheet only consists of edges – so the conditions simply aren’t comparable and customer-specific standards for solid material cannot be applied to perforated sheet.

That’s why we’ve joined forces with our surface technology specialists to develop a process that meets the high coating requirements of perforated metal components in every respect.

SOLVARO corrosion protection

Best Practice

Our extensive coating-related process and our expertise with respect to surface technology for perforated metal components has repeatedly proven successful in practice.

We work closely with our customers to develop metal components that set new standards in terms of functionality and design.

Our best practice example shows how durable corrosion protection, striking designs and optimum air circulation go hand in hand at Solvaro.

White paper

Optimum corrosion protection

Perforated metal components must withstand the highest possible loads – corrosion protection plays a key role in this. In our detailed white paper, we show you how to ensure the highest corrosion resistance with optimum air permeability through a holistic process approach.

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