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Deep drawing to perfection

Deep drawing perforated metal components is one of the most demanding forming tasks – in addition to specialised deep drawing tools, it requires above all experience, practical knowledge and a sure instinct. However, those who accept the “deep drawing challenge” in the production of perforated sheets will be rewarded with optimum results: no other forming process offers such far-reaching design and optimisation possibilities to combine the versatile requirements of function, design, weight and air permeability.

Deep drawing tools are expensive to purchase – but can significantly reduce the unit costs in series production and at the same time meet all specifications. The decisive factor is the maturity of the deep drawing tool for series production: to ensure this, we work closely with our customers right from the early planning phase. Solvaro’s specialists provide you with the concentrated deep-drawing experience from highly complex projects. Above all, these aspects are decisive for the success of the project:

Deep drawing depends on expertise and know-how: 200,000 deep-drawn parts per year speak for the high quality we achieve with this technique.

Csaba Genzler, Head of Key Account

Success through teamwork: Together with our customers, we have already developed around 500 different deep-drawn articles.

Bence Osvald, Team Leader Application Technology

Busy almost around the clock: Last year, our deep drawing presses were in operation for over 5,000 hours.

Dániel Kövecses, Plant Manager

White paper

Deep drawing to perfection

Deep drawing of perforated metal components is one of the greatest challenges in forming technology. With hardly any other process is the early, close cooperation between customer and mesh supplier as important as here. Learn more about the deep drawing process in detail in our detailed white paper and learn how you can benefit from the advantages of this forming process thanks to optimal planning.

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