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Airy and stable

Both buses with combustion engines and electric buses always require good cooling ...

Long live the metal component

Durable metal components can be created using many different techniques. 5 examples in the listicle ...

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Small perforations for great resistance

Special requirements demand special techniques. This is also the case with Valtra's Q Series ...

Protection for extreme demands

In extreme situations, extra protection is often necessary. This is also the case with perforated metal for excavators ...

5 services that make your life easier

Close and trusting cooperation between OEM and supplier offers many advantages. ...

Purchase Task Force Interview

Ilona Bálványossy, Head of the Purchasing Taskforce gives information about the recent developments and how the "Solvaro Purchase Taskforce" is tackling the challenges ...

State-of-the-art laser technology for perfect contours

Thanks to the latest laser technology, the finishing of perforated metal components at Solvaro is now even more precise ...

Optimum air flow for full engine performance

For the perfect airflow on the Massey Ferguson® 7S Series, Solvaro was able to provide optimal advice ...

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Transparent cooperation

Success thanks to good partnership: Liebherr and Solvaro cooperate on the TA 230 dump truck ...

Quality management with CAQ

Interview with Burkhard Hochstätter, solvtec IT, and Project Manager Andreas Martin about the key factors for successful implementation of a CAQ system ...

Sophisticated storage concept

Large tools require a lot of space. Solvaro therefore provides customers with a special warehouse ...

Interview Anna Tóth

Interview with Anna Tóth from Industria Kft. about the cooperation with Solvaro in the logistics sector ...

Interview Bence Osvald

Interview with Bence Osvald on SOLVARO's latest investment in measurement technology ...

Advancing Quality Control

New measuring technology for even more precise results: SOLVARO invests in the T-Scan from Zeiss ...

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Conceptual collaboration early on saves costs

How important it is to rely on professionals right at the beginning of a conceptual process shows the example of MAN ...

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The art of construction

Agricultural and construction machinery are now much more than just powerful and functional commercial vehicles: their design embodies performance and strength ...

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Fresh air for full capacity

The Pegasus telehandler from construction vehicle manufacturer Dieci is a genuine all-rounder. Specifically developed for construction machinery leasing, it is correspondingly versatile.

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Solvaro seeks certification under IATF 16949

Dr. Zöller is here with us today alongside Solvaro Managing Director Gerhard Bullinger – in this interview, we take advantage of ...

Your value chain, our mission

Nobody knows products as well as the people who build and develop them. Bringing them ...

Deep partnerships for supply chain security

We view our key suppliers as value creation partners with whom we have been working for ...

Update: Current situation regarding Covid-19

All areas of our company are currently operating without any restrictions. We will be happy to provide you with information about the protective measures we have...

Solvaro named a ‘reliable employer’

As a company, we are focused on safety, team spirit, curiosity and dedication. To ensure that our employees also feel committed to the same ...

The basic requirements for well-designed hoods for construction and agricultural machines

Bence Osvald, application technology team leader at Solvaro in Hungary, is very familiar with the day-to-day challenges associated with the production of bonnets and ...

Computers for daily school use

The foster families supported by our foundation are currently faced with the challenge of finding enough opportunities for their children to get online.

Cream Of The Crop Under Sugarloaf Mountain

It’s not rare to see beautiful things against the backdrop of Sugarloaf Mountain. And now Valtra Brazil’s offerings come complete with SOLVARO ventilation grilles. The partnership with Polirim do Brasil reveals just...

Packing A Punch When It Comes To Shipment

Our parts delivery doesn’t finish at the customer’s incoming goods door. We make it our responsibility to also support our customers as best we can with the next steps in the manufacture of the end product.

Hammering Out Solutions: A Prototype With Low Tools Costs

Once CAD and theory have done their bit, it’s time to put a component to the test. It’s a challenge that developers are only too familiar with – prototypes can be expensive due to...

Top Thema
Perfect Fit!

When developing the award-winning design of the new Valtra A 104, the manufacturer opted for a striking combination of plastic and metal for

Declaring War On Particulate Matter

Air pollution caused by exhaust gas is an especially acute problem in towns, cities and built-up areas. Our partner Eminox offers...

Strong Partnership, Heavy Machinery

British manufacturer of moulded SMC components, Mitras, has been supplying Europe’s automotive, truck and off-highway companies for over 30 years now. Since 2013, Mitras has been working in partnership with SOLVARO, who...

Beautiful For The Eyes As Well As The Ears

As early as in 1949, in response to a demand for louder sound, our customer RCF sold its first microphones and speakers. In the 1960s, concerts became...

Deep-Drawing In Figures

Expert knowledge is usually the result of an above-average amount of practice. It’s worth seeing what our deep-drawing machinery gets up to in a year.

Stoneguard And Bumper Grilles For The New Generation Of MAN Trucks

The new generation of MAN trucks, which was presented recently, is being given a reliable aid when it comes to protection against stones and dirt.

A Vehicle That Accomplishes Everything Easily

The M27 model from Multicar is an all-rounder in the form of a compact, modular, high-performance vehicle. When it comes to configuration and...

We’re Not Putting Up With It Any More

Server cabinet manufacturers struggle every day with tension levels in perforated sheets, problems with automated manufacture and warping of doors.

Ventilation Grilles At Their Best

It is only with relentless investment in development manufacturers of construction machinery can stay amongst the market leaders for Excavators, Loaders and Tracked Excavators.

Collaboration Early-On Turns Good Engineering Into Perfect Engineering

As a purchaser you are always on to the next development. What areas are in focus for the next generation of tractors?


The L5 fibre laser system from Salvagnini is certainly a good machine already. But we thought to ourselves, ‘We can get more out of this for our customers.’

Strong Perforated Plate For Strong Hoods

Our customer required an engine cover for a large 360 hp tractor engine capable of supplying adequate cooling air to the engine and...

Trapezoid Art On The Bus

Do you think of trapezoids as airy works of art? You’re right! Our developers have achieved just that with a wave-like trapezoid-shaped ventilation grille for buses

The Measure Of All Things – Even For Edges

The electronics sector is highly dynamic. Constant change leads to ever more modern and appealing products that are lighter, quieter and work more reliably.

Romanian Agricultural Tractors Of The Top Class

In its new generation of agricultural tractors, IRUM is not only optimising the performance of these machines but is also giving them a facelift including SOLVARO ventilation grilles.

Solvaro Reduces Forming Lubricant Consumption by 60%

Due to a new minimal quantity lubrication system and a reduction in the number of oil types used, not only have significant cost savings been achieved, but also less special waste and cleaner workstations.

This Keeps Electronics Cool

Optimum heat dissipation with high stability due to hexagonal perforation. Precise outer contours for handles and hinges. High-quality design thanks to homogeneous honeycomb structure.

Doing Better Not Only Makes You Better, It Pays Off

With its PI data cabinets, Prism offers a range of high-quality, affordable hardware for offices and data centres. Perforated components from SOLVARO are built into the doors in more than ten models.

VQC for Cad drawings – no tolerance for errors

Optical measurement of complex printed circuit boards to provide the highest level of quality assurance. Fast measurement with high measuring accuracy.

Solvaro As Supplier For The Aviation Industry

As soon as an aircraft takes off, everything on board has to withstand a great deal, from uplift, thrust and gravitational pull to air pressure and changes in temperature.

Powerful Engineering – As Flexible As Your Needs

Our 3D laser machine is fast, flexible and highly accurate as it puts deep-drawn parts into the relevant shape. Thanks to its high cutting speed, it can create the right contours on up to...

Turbocharger For Plate Processing

With our new laser system we can speed up the processing time for our products enormously. For example, we can now cut server rack doors in just 67 seconds instead of 120.

Top Thema
Corrosion Protection For Perforated Plates

Anyone who installs coated metal parts knows the myriad of influential factors that go into achieving high-quality rust protection. And it’s even more...

Deep-Drawing: Reduce Costs And Raise Quality

Deep-drawing perforated components calls for very particular expertise. The possibilities available to those who have technically mastered this art are practically endless.

Truck Ventilation Grilles Roll Off The Production Line

Automation is playing an increasingly significant role within our production concept. It is important to us that decisions on investments are not based solely on batch sizes.

Tool Expertise: From Coil To Finished Component

You need the right equipment and a diverse range of high-quality tools to produce perfect metal components. Special tools are needed particularly in the field of sheet metal processing...

Establishing Quality Standards In The Supply Chain

One company wants to develop its knowledge and expertise, and another can help it achieve that. Coming together in a mentoring programme is a good prerequisite for improving quality standards in the supply chain.

We Think People Shouldn’t Drive Around With Gorgeous Italian Cars

Because you can use them differently. What are we talking about? Well, theoretically, they would also look great lined up in an exclusive garage. Just like