Solvaro in Action

Agricultural Machines



Due to the seasonal influences it faces, the agricultural sector is more dependent on having the right production processes than hardly any other industry. The engine components in high-performance, engine-driven agricultural machinery therefore have to meet particularly high standards in terms of efficiency and reliability. To achieve this, in addition to ensuring the protection of the engine compartment and the circulation of the air, the component design itself is also a key focus.

Our innovative perforated metal components offer bespoke solutions to meet the demands of the agricultural sector. The bonnet – the visual centrepiece of an agricultural machine – requires sophisticated design, modern technology and high-quality workmanship. The SOLVARO solution scores highly here, thanks to our specific expertise in deep drawing.

In addition to offering optimal air circulation and maximum stability, despite their own low weight, the parts are optimally protected against rust thanks to our high-quality surface technology.


Perforated metal components

Due to their multifaceted fields of application, perforated metal parts are able to offer the answer to the most diverse challenges in various industries. See for yourself!