Solvaro doubles turnover in agricultural and construction machinery segment

Solvaro GmbH, the specialist for metal-made industrial components, looks back at a successful year. The company has doubled its turnover in the agricultural and construction machinery market segment. The advanced development of existing technologies, investment in progressive equipment and reliable series production amounted to a 10% increase in total turnover.

Simple is best

Solvaro had great ambitions: the requirements for engine covers in the agricultural and construction machinery segment are complex. Ever stricter exhaust emission directives have led to more rigorous air exchange standards. At the same time, customers’ expectations of product design are growing more sophisticated. A hard nut to crack, because traditional technologies are no longer able to meet these demands.
There are many feasible solutions. Our special know-how consists of implementing solutions without having to constantly develop highly complex tools. Technically brilliant and easy to use in production – products like these are the secret to Solvaro’s success. But good solutions are quickly copied. The obvious solution: ‘To retain the competitive advantage for our customers and our company, we are always one step ahead,’ says CEO Gerhard Bullinger, who is happy to have more than 50 new customers. The results of the implementation of a technology for rounding perforated surfaces are particularly satisfactory. And Solvaro has made such great improvements in rust protection that the operating life of the products affected has been extended significantly.

Optimistic despite an uncertain future

The bottom line in the service area also provided a positive surprise. By means of joint new developments, Solvaro was able to boost volume despite the downturn in the sector. The company was able to increase its total turnover by 10% compared to the previous year. The teams in Kirchheim unter Teck and Hungarian Szekszárd had to be reinforced. The new year will bring more economic uncertainty. Solvaro can rely on its multifaceted approach to master the situation. One important point, according to Bullinger: ‘Never break off the dialogue with the customer!’

SOLVARO – tailored solutions made of metal.

SOLVARO provides engineering and development services and produces perforated plates and non-perforated metal components for industrial customers. With its tailored solutions, SOLVARO serves a wide variety of industries, including manufacturers of agricultural and construction machinery. For more information, visit

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Image 1: According to Gerhard Bullinger, Solvaro’s personal relationship with its customers and the simplicity of its solutions are key success factors.

Image 2: Maximum air throughput and appealing design. With this solution, Solvaro makes waves in the market.

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