Solvaro manufactures air and contaminant grilles for use with MAP SpA engine bonnets

Kirchheim/Teck, February 2013: During the deep-drawing process, perforated metal behaves differently to solid metal. This is primarily due to the fact that perforated metal demonstrates different flow behaviour. Solvaro GmbH manufactures industrial components and has extensive experience in this field. This experience was most recently put to the test when MAP SpA commissioned the company to produce an air and contaminant grille. 

Deep-drawing perforated metal: an art in itself.

Deep-drawing is a cutting-edge method of manufacturing three-dimensional metal components. The benefits include a more visually appealing product and potential savings through, for example, reduced material consumption. This method would be ideal for producing engine bonnets for commercial vehicles, if the problem of air permeability did not exist. However, perforated metal behaves entirely differently from solid material during the deep-drawing process, as it demonstrates different flow behaviour. Perforated metal has already been subjected to major stress, which in turn changes its material characteristics. The result may be ultra-thin rods made from a material which allows minimal change when stretched. The deep-drawing process creates a hollow body through stretching or compressing. Without the necessary expertise, the perforation may come out uneven and the component may loose stability or, in the worst-case scenario, even tear.

Flawless air grilles

At Solvaro, technology and production teams work tirelessly with the process of deep-drawing. Most recently, they demonstrated their skills for MAP SpA, an Italian manufacturer of plastic parts, including radiator bonnets for agricultural and construction machinery. The plastic bonnets are equipped with air and contaminant grilles. Their basic requirements include air permeability, a filter function and stability. The challenge is creating appealing design. Solvaro created the surface with the required air permeability of 80% using Hv 6–6.7 hexagonal perforation of cold-rolled steel sheet with a thickness of 1.0 to 1.5 mm. To achieve the three recesses in a close row, specialists had to get down to work. The hydraulic presses Solvaro uses to deep-draw these parts need to be precisely adjusted to accommodate the behaviour of the metal. With their extensive experience, the Solvaro employees are able to master the draw speed, draw radius and other forces. The deep-drawing process is carried out in several steps using tools developed in-house. The result speaks for itself and fulfils all the stability requirements. The CDP and powder-coated finish and the precise outer contours based on the installation dimensions enable immediate positioning.

SOLVARO – tailored solutions made of metal.

SOLVARO provides engineering and development services and produces perforated plates and non-perforated metal components for industrial customers. With its tailored solutions, SOLVARO serves a wide variety of industries, including manufacturers of agricultural and construction machinery. For more information, visit

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Image 1: Thanks to the deep-drawing process, the Solvaro air and contaminant grille for MAP SpA engine bonnets combines functionality and design.

Image 2: The Solvaro deep-drawn air and contaminant grille is the ideal complement to the MAP SpA plastic radiator bonnet.

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