Engine covers

Best perspectives for every engine.

In the case of engine-driven vehicles, the engine cover and radiator grille have two main functions: protecting the engine compartment against dust and dirt while simultaneously allowing for the exchange of heated air by cool air from the outside.

Our hexagonal perforation in different sizes and dimensions and an open area of up to 80% allows for excellent air circulation. This perforation also ensures a greater material rigidity as well as improved deep-drawn properties.

Due to its low weight and appealing design, our products are tailor-made as components for vehicle construction. We will be glad to show you how your vehicle can also benefit from these advantages.

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The SOLVARO cooler grille protects reliably against contamination and offers maximum air passage.


Cooling air for 360 hp! Under the emblem of the Fendt tractor company discover a customised engine cover and a refined drawn SOLVARO perforated product.


A visible cowl in a city bus. Here the requirement is: stylish design + functionality.

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Optimisation not only makes components better – it pays off in other ways as well

Prism, a leading manufacturer of server and data cabinets, has been our customer for over five years. Naturally our work for them has included collaborating on the further development of components for the ventilated doors. With the latest generation of our components, this British manufacturer has eliminated a work step and freed up valuable...

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Beautiful for the eyes as well as the ears

Perforated speaker covers ensure stability and protection and produce coveted ‘good vibrations’. The RCF column speaker with SOLVARO grille provides perfect sound and an elegant aesthetic.

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Ventilation grilles at their best

It is only with relentless investment in development manufacturers of construction machinery can stay amongst the market leaders for Excavators, Loaders and Tracked Excavators. We too are never satisfied with the status quo. Our expertise in deep-drawing and development can improve upon the precise fit and overall quality of radiator grille...

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Even when faced with the highest demands, we are well grounded

As soon as an aircraft takes off, everything on board has to withstand a great deal, from uplift, thrust and gravitational pull to air pressure and changes in temperature.

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From prototype to serial production – hand in hand in hand in hand ...

Serial production started at the new Kubota Farm Machinery S.A.S. tractor factory in northern France in autumn 2015.

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Don't raise any dust with the drums.

Gebrüder Wyss AG is very conscious of quality. And for over 20 years, the Swiss company has relied on SOLVARO. To be more precise, we supply the washing machine manufacturer with a stainless steel inner tub that is highly durable, even when in permanent use.

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A bus takes care to get plenty of fresh air.

The Mercedes-Benz Citaro is known for innovation and quality. He was, for example, one of the first to hit the streets in the Euro VI format.

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Germs have no chance!

At Studer Maschinenbau AG in Switzerland, everything revolves around the struggle between good and evil. Their equipment for cheese dairies not only needs to be functional, it also has to keep ‘evil’ germs like salmonella, listeria and Co. out during the ageing process. At the same time, large quantities of the ‘good’ microorganisms that are...

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A clean solution for dusty business.

The Fendt Katana 65 was named after a particularly sharp Samurai long sword for a good reason. After all, its cutter head processes maximum quantities of forage in a short period of time. As a side effect, the process generates lots of dust, dirt, and particles – which could clog the cooling system. SOLVARO has developed a screen box that reliably...

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Things are looking good for you.

Of course components need to be stable and function properly. But design now plays an important role when it comes to agricultural, construction and commercial vehicles. In the air and contaminant grilles for our customers MAP SpA, which are used in radiator bonnets for excavators, for example. In order to combine perfect function with aesthetic...

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A Vehicle that accomplishes everything easily.

The M27 model from Multicar is an all-rounder in the form of a compact, modular, high-performance vehicle. When it comes to configuration and applications, it is so versatile that it lives up to the manufacturer’s name. To keep the engine of this small all-rounder cool and protect it against dirt and contamination, we have created a suitably airy...

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Cooling air for a 360 hp engine

Beneath the emblem you will notice a customised Fendt tractor engine cover made from perforated sheet metal.

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Even our exhaust pipe is up on top, which puts us right on the front line.

When it comes to tractors, Fendt leads the field in Europe. And when the number one on the continent launches a special model in its new 900 Vario heavy tractor series and calls it Black Beauty, it is making a statement. At SOLVARO, we are extremely happy that we are supplying a highlight for the ambitious Fendt agricultural vehicle in the form of...

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Especially for voyeurs

The AGC Group specialises in glass manufacturing such as laminated glass with glued-on perforated metal sheets by SOLVARO.  This product brings light and sun control into this prestigious graduate school.

Lightweight, flat, low burr, dustand grease-free. There were numerous technical specifications for the further processing of the...

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When you really think about it, some tasks are not necessary.

Emerson Network Power is one of the world’s leading providers of Business Critical Continuity™ in the field of telecommunications networks, computer centres, the health-care industry and industrial systems. And the company’s requirements for its products are as high as you would expect. When SOLVARO was asked to manufacture the door panels...

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How to keep electronics cool

Server cabinet doors for Schroff. Optimal heat dissipation for high stability thanks to the hexagonal perforation. Precise outer contours for handles and hinges. High-quality design thanks to a homogeneous honeycomb structure.

The requirements for the Schroff server cabinet VARISTAR were high. Even the doors had to comply with stringent...

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When it comes to innovative ideas, we'll blow you away

Sound absorber solutions from SOLVARO: For anything with a combustion engine.

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We´re not putting up with it any more.

Server cabinet manufacturers struggle every day with tension levels in perforated sheets, problems with automated manufacture and warping of doors. But we have solutions to these problems. SOLVARO technicians apply the whole range of their experience to these issues. Orders that have been finished are carefully examined, raw material factory...

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On Stage with Metallica

Big demands are placed on loudspeakers – and not just during the concert. When they are being set up and removed, during transportation and storage they also have to cope with the odd knock or two. In addition, their characteristic design also has to create an impact and draw attention to the manufacturer’s sign and logo.

Sound and Stability


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Light and shadow with the push of a button

Tempe/Arizona is one of the hottest places in the world with about 4,000 hours of sun per year. For this reason, effective solar protection was an absolute must for the planners of the “Papago Gateway Center” office complex. Light, able to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, anti-glare and visually uniform – these were the requirements for...

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The All-Rounder in residential and commercial buildings.

Power distribution, wiring and ceiling assemblies, switch ranges, building control systems or safety engineering in residential and commercial buildings: the Hager Group is a major player in all of these areas. Thanks to their ease of installation and convenient operation, the company’s solutions are particularly popular with the electrical trade....

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We think people shouldn’t drive around with gorgeous Italian cars.

Because you can use them differently. What are we talking about? Well, theoretically, they would also look great lined up in an exclusive garage. Just like the Server cabinets and racks from the Italian manufacturer Tecnosteel – which are arranged in server parks, and look just as good. The material and the form of the doors were inspired by...

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Server cabinet doors for Schroff

The requirements for the Schroff server cabinet VARI STAR Are high.Even the doors HAVE to comply with st ringent specifications.Reliable heat dissipation, stability and precision Are requiredjust as much as a clear view on the technology. The hexagonal perforation (Hv hexagonal holes in staggered pitch) from SOLVAROallows an open area of 80%. This...

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You can also be quieter

The USM modular furniture system Haller stands for aesthetics and the good tone in the room. On re quest, USM also offers modular furniture systems that link form and function with the effect of improved room acoustics. The basis for the exclusive design and perfect acoustics is SOLVARO’s laser-machined sheets. With an accuracy of ± 0.2 mm they...

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No bad climate anymore

Front parts for Swegon climate comfort modules.

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Glittering technologies for brilliant product ideas

Stainless steel shower storage basket for HEWI: timeless beauty

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Guarantee of individuality.

The USM modular furniture system is one of the most successful classic systems in interior furnishing design.

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