Deep partnerships for supply chain security

We view our key suppliers as value creation partners with whom we have been working for many years; for example, on the ideal coating for our ventilation grilles and engine bonnets. In conversation with our partner Ludwig Reisinger, we examine the possibilities of a mentoring programme in Hungary.

Security and quality in the supply chain should not pose a risk. Both the customer and the supplier are required in supplier management for this purpose. We are at home in both roles and know just how significant a disruptive factor this can be in the network.

To avoid this, we rely on a deep partnership that we promote, for example, through participation in a mentoring programme. In collaboration with SMEs, including Ludwig Reisinger Kft., a metal surface coatings specialist, we offer them advice on their further development. Both companies expect the joint further development of the processes to provide even greater supply chain security.

The Interview:

SOLVARO: “Mr Reisinger, you are a leading expert in metal surface coating. Together, we have mastered coating of complex, perforated and deep drawn components. How, and in what areas, do you think taking part in the German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce’s mentoring programme can further improve our collaborative relationship?”

Mr Reisinger:

“I believe the greatest improvements will come about in the entire supply chain. I view development of a common understanding here as a far-reaching improvement in the supplier/customer relationship.”

SOLVARO: “Processes play a major role for us in our relationship with OEMs. Where and how will our measures have a tangible impact?”

Mr Reisinger:

“I hope to see noticeable improvements in this respect from the beginning of the process chain. From the start with the comprehensively assessed customer enquiry and the logistical processing of delivery documents, to arranging appointments and delivery of the finished goods.”

SOLVARO: “Thank you, Mr Reisinger. Would you finally give us an insight into our current project independent of the mentoring programme? What developments are you working on at present?”

Mr Reisinger:

“We are currently devoting more of our energies to implementing packaging concepts in ongoing projects. At the same time, we are also working on a project to significantly enhance perforated plates’ corrosion protection. I can’t say any more about this project at the present time due to confidentiality reasons.”

Would you like to know more?

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Martin Schneider
Head of Application Engineering
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