"The demands of the customers are the focus for us."

In the interview: Anna Tóth, Managing Director of Industria Kft., on the special logistics of perforated metal components.

Low weight, complex geometries, individual delivery concepts: The safe shipment of perforated metal components poses great challenges for logisticians. That’s why partners like Industria Kft. are important. Managing Director Anna Tóth talks about what makes the cooperation with Solvaro so special..

Question: Mrs. Tóth, you deliver our radiator grilles, bonnets and bumper grilles all over Europe. What makes shipping Solvaro products special?

We have been working with Solvaro for more than 25 years and since the very beginning we have made sure that the products reach the customer in the best condition. That is not so easy. Solvaro metal components have to be loaded very carefully and require special fastenings. That is why we always use special trailers that provide more than the usual fastening options. In addition, since 2006 all our trailers have so-called “Coil Muldes”, which are perfectly adapted to the Solvaro raw material coils.

Question: In addition to diligence, customers want increasingly individualised delivery concepts. How do you assess this development?

The customers’ demands are the focus for us. Of course, this also means picking up on logistical trends and innovations. Euro 6 vehicles, GPS and modern trailers have completely revolutionised the industry. However, the core elements of good logistics – i.e. flexibility, speed and customer focus – remain as important as ever. They have less to do with technology. It’s more about personal contact with customers or customer-friendly scheduling. The better we are at this as a logistics service provider, the more time customers like Solvaro have to take care of their own customers, production or internal logistics.

Our longest-standing partners are now increasingly giving us direct online access to their finished goods notification so that we take over more and more logistical sub-processes for them. We are particularly pleased about this because the customers are thus demonstrating their trust in us.

However, the core elements of good logistics - i.e. flexibility, speed and customer focus - remain important.

Anna Tóth, Managing Director of Industria Kft.

Question: As we all know, the devil bites the hindmost, and every delivery is made under time pressure. Do you have a recipe for success for overcoming unforeseen hurdles and remaining particularly flexible?

I always say that our recipe for success is logistics itself. After all, that’s our job. The most important thing is that we inform our partner immediately and in detail if something doesn’t go according to plan. In addition, we always try to fulfil all customer requests. If they seem impossible, we ask for a little patience and find a solution. If a miracle is needed, we need a little more time. But the solution comes. To do all this, you need a good team that you can always count on. Accurate and precise work is equally important. The current driver shortage is a big challenge, yet we only use selected and trained drivers. We expect excellent quality, we deliver excellent quality.

Question: The transport industry is significantly affected by the changes to address climate change. What is Industria doing to make its services sustainable?

All our vehicles comply with the latest environmental regulations and are regularly serviced by contractors. This helps us avoid mistakes. We can work safely and accurately, which also reduces our environmental impact. We also expect all our drivers to drive proactively and effectively. If necessary, we support this with manufacturer-supplied driving trainers. We also plan journeys so that our vehicles are on the road at night as little as possible. In this way, we contribute to less noise pollution at night. Of course, our drivers also benefit from this. They can relax and simply feel better.

Question: Dare to take a look into the future: What major trend do you see in transport services for metal and metal products?

I have confidence that Industria and Solvaro will continue to work together for many years to come. Through Industria Kft. and Euro-Holges Vámügynökség Kft., with which our group of companies supports Solvaro in customs and warehousing, we are doing our best. Regardless of this, I am convinced that the transport industry is facing great challenges due to the shortage of drivers. No matter for which industry or which products. Therefore, we need to put great emphasis on selecting, developing and retaining good employees. Both Industria and Solvaro focus on high quality and precise solutions. That is why I think that together we will successfully overcome all the challenges ahead.

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