Optimum air flow for full engine performance

The ventilation grille of modern commercial vehicles must meet the highest requirements in terms of functionality and design. In addition to the technical specifications in terms of air flow, filter effect, stability and weight, the aesthetic aspects are also increasingly in the foreground: powerful vehicles such as the Massey Ferguson® 7S Series tractors sell so successfully not least because of their striking, memorable design.

These requirements pose technical challenges when manufacturing the perforated metal components for the front of the vehicle. In order to optimise the air passage through the perforated sheet, the webs have to be made extremely thin. This makes the familiar challenges of deep-drawing the parts (drawing parameters) and coating (edge thinning) even more pronounced.

The Hv 2.1-2.5 perforation of the grids poses a challenge in terms of production technology; after all, the webs are even thinner here than in the more common hexagonal perforations. When deep-drawing the complex geometry, it is therefore important to prevent web cracks and deformations. This is achieved by optimally selecting the relevant deep-drawing parameters on the basis of years of experience. During the subsequent coating process, the focus is on corrosion protection. Solvaro meets the “challenge of edge thinning” with a self-developed KTL coating process with optimised layer thickness.

Develop your perforated metal components with Solvaro - the advantages at a glance:

  • Professional advice on the optimised production of perforated metal components
  • Fulfilment of demanding specifications in terms of air permeability, stability and design
  • Sustainable project success through joint development work
  • Many years of expertise in deep-drawing and coating perforated metal components

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