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Strong perforated plate for strong hoods

Look closely, and beneath the emblem you will notice a customised Fendt tractor engine cover made from sophisticated SOLVARO perforated sheeting.

Our customer required an engine cover for a large 360 hp tractor engine capable of supplying adequate cooling air to the engine and dissipating waste heat outwards into the surrounding air. It should also prevent dirt from impeding the flow of cooling air or the dissipation of waste heat.

The engine cover made from hexagonal perforated sheeting was developed together with the customer and not only prevents the engine from overheating, but also prevents dirt from entering the engine compartment. The large number of holes in the Hv perforated sheeting creates up to 80% more ventilation space for the required quantity of air to pass through. The holes are approximately 2 mm in diameter and are small enough to keep dirt out of the engine compartment. The deep-drawn properties of the Hv perforations allow ample leeway for the design of components because buckling and bridge breakage do not occur, despite the large open area. The honeycomb structure of the perforated sheeting achieves the stability and rigidity required for the engine cover and reduces the weight considerably. Sufficient air can now flow freely under the engine cover of the large 936-series Fendt tractor, enabling it to function without problems even under the toughest arable conditions.

Even if squaring the circle is not yet possible, we will tackle every technological challenge in close cooperation with you.

Advantages of Hv perforations at a glance:

  • Hv hexagonal perforations guarantee a large open area of up to 80%.
  • Honeycomb structure keeps the material strong.
  • Extremely good deep-drawn properties.
  • No bridge breakage.
  • Low weight.
  • Attractive perforation design.

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