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Server cabinet doors for Schroff. Optimum heat dissipation with high stability due to hexagonal perforation. Precise outer contours for handles and hinges. High-quality design thanks to homogeneous honeycomb structure.

The requirements for the Schroff server cabinet VARI STAR Are high. Even the doors HAVE to comply with st ringent specifications. Reliable heat dissipation, stability and precision Are required just as much as a clear view on the technology.

The hexagonal perforation (Hv hexagonal holes in staggered pitch) from SOLVARO allows an open area of 80%. This ensures that sensitive electronic components are always well ventilated while carrying out their functions.

These cabinets are used in a wide variety of areas. The more complex the application the more that is expected of them. Climatic and mechanical extremes must be dealt with just as effectively as electromagnetic limit loads. It goes without saying that only materials with high loading capability were considered.

Honeycomb as the archetype

The hexagonal perforation from SOLVARO uses the mechanical advantages of the honeycomb design: Maximum stability at low material application. At SOLVARO the open area is 80%. This ensures that the interior of the server cabinet does not overheat; the function of the technology can be monitored with the door closed. In addition, the high requirement in regard to a beautiful design can be fulfilled through the homogeneity of the honeycomb.

Sharp contours and close tolerances

The outer contours as well as the recesses for handles and hinges are detached at SOLVARO using a technology which we have developed ourselves especially for perforated sheets. This guarantees adherence to the lowest of tolerances. The delivery of finished sheets means one less production step for the customer in his
further processing.
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