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For us, logistics is much more than just fast delivery. At SOLVARO, we see ourselves as a full service provider. This includes making sure that everything associated with delivery and subsequent processing works that little bit better. It starts as early as packaging. We work with you to develop bespoke solutions that are entirely tailored to your company’s internal needs. In this way we can ensure, for example, that products can be processed immediately, which allows unpacking or re-packing to be unnecessary.

We also come up with inventive solutions for storage. For example, we offer storage in a consignment warehouse, so that you can reduce your warehousing costs. Or indeed the old-fashioned way, with stock items held by us with agreed delivery times. This means that you are not dependent on production times and can also produce in optimal batch sizes.

The SOLVARO logistics promise:

  • Individual warehousing solutions
  • Immediate availability of components
  • Production in optimal batch sizes
  • Individual packing solutions
  • Alternative packing and shipping methods
  • No repacking required at the point of delivery
  • Direct delivery to the processing location
  • International partnerships



Due to their multifaceted fields of application, perforated metal parts are able to offer the answer to the most diverse challenges in various industries. See for yourself!

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