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For us, service does not just occur at a specific point in a collaboration and does not end when the components are delivered. Solvaro supports you the whole way, from the initial concept to the finished product and beyond.

Our technicians and experts in project and quality management can be contacted at any point and will be fully involved in your project. Our aim is to use our cross-sector expertise to find solutions before problems occur and to create synergies that make it possible to achieve much more than you could ever have expected when you started.

Good service from the start – with needs defined jointly

Finding the best process from the initial order to the arrival of the components and deciding what preparatory work can be done is best achieved together. For example, by defining a peak demand level for the parts. This enables sufficient steel to be kept in stock, including high grades like DC06 and DC04. The preparation of prototypes or work on new orders is then not delayed while waiting for the delivery of raw materials. For our customers with framework agreements, we are also happy to produce in advance. We will discuss the pre-produced parts together and determine the quantity to be made. This means that parts can be perforated, cut to size and chamfered in advance. Then, when the order arrives, often only one additional processing step, such as coating, is required. This means: you just call us and we deliver quickly.


Deliveries made too early can disrupt processes just as much as delays. That is why we work out in advance how stock-receipt might work best for you. A binding, precisely timed delivery is possible, as is consignment stock. Our parts will be there when you need them and other than this, your processes will remain uninterrupted.



Due to their multifaceted fields of application, perforated metal parts are able to offer the answer to the most diverse challenges in various industries. See for yourself!


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