A Vehicle that accomplishes everything easily.

The M27 model from Multicar is an all-rounder in the form of a compact, modular, high-performance vehicle. When it comes to configuration and applications, it is so versatile that it lives up to the manufacturer’s name. To keep the engine of this small all-rounder cool and protect it against dirt and contamination, we have created a suitably airy grille for it.

Rule No. 1: Customers always know what’s good for them.

The exhaust standards for commercial vehicles are becoming ever more rigorous. A decisive factor in meeting these standards is engineering the cooler for maximum exposure to air. This also applies to the M27. Because this model is sometimes used as a snowplough or road sweeper, the fan also has to be adequately protected against foliage and dirt. The requirements for the grille supplied by SOLVARO were obvious: maximum air passage with an adequate filter function and good corrosion resistance.

Rule No. 2: SOLVARO knows how to make ‘good’ even better.

For any grille, a high degree of air passage and a highly effective filter function are at opposite ends of the requirements spectrum. The optimal balance is not easy to achieve. At SOLVARO, we feel particularly comfortable on the fine line between feasible and impossible, so we mastered this challenge, too, with flair. The HV 2 – 2.5 perforation ideal for this case provides for air passage of 64%. Good – but not good enough for us. By giving the grille an undulating shape, we were able to create a larger air-permeable surface while maintaining the same size and perforation – the air passage went up to around 70%.

Rule No. 3: Success is sweeter when shared.

We also went our customer’s corrosion protection concept one better. The customer originally asked us to deliver the grille with a protective coating only, but we went one effective step further. To do it, we used a deburring machine. The process resulted in first-class components that provide the ideal basis for subsequent cataphoretic painting and powder coating. The result? The salt spray test said, ‘Wow!’ And Multicar envisions the beginning of a wonderful partnership that is already proving fruitful in regard to new projects and optimisation processes. For example, the grille features innovative, rolled hinges that save the customer work and provide even better fitting accuracy.

  • Grille including frame and hinges
  • HV 2 – 2.5
  • Free cross section approx. 70%, thanks to undulation
  • Delivered deburred, cataphoretic painted and uncoated


        Our grilles for Multicar filter dirt but still allow sufficient air supply.

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