Beautiful for the eyes as well as the ears

As early as in 1949, in response to a demand for louder sound, our customer RCF sold its first microphones and speakers. In the 1960s, concerts became electric and RCF was there. Today, the Italian company’s product range includes everything that turns up the volume: from hi-fis and sound systems to portable speakers. And in all these years, one thing has remained the same: the systems need a stable, permeable protective casing with an impeccable look.

Holes can be loud

Our stable perforated speaker covers protect the sensitive interior of the speakers while at the same time ensuring that the sound comes out into the room unimpeded and reaches listeners without distortion. The largest of our speaker grilles is used for this, designed for a sound column, measuring over two metres in length and featuring Rv 3–4 round perforation.  

Holes can be beautiful 

Anyone who thinks RCF has something to offer only for the ears is wrong. The design and impeccable aesthetics of the products are essential. Since the SOLVARO components are all visible, having clean edges takes top priority. With an impression for the logo plate and CDP and powder coating, the SOLVARO components contribute significantly to the look of the products. Depending on the function and design, other perforations are used, such as Rv 6.4–7.94 or Rv 4–5 round perforation.

The solution at a glance: 

  • Speaker grille up to over two metres in length
  • DC05 flat steel
  • Rv 3–4, Rv 4–5 or Rv 6.4–7.94 round perforation 
  • Air permeability of up to 60% 
  • Bevelled with impression for logo plate
  • CDP and powder-coated

Impeccable aesthetics are essential for the up to two-metre-long grilles, which make up the majority of the visible area of the speaker.

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