Deep-drawing: reduce costs and raise quality

Deep-drawing perforated components calls for very particular expertise. The possibilities available to those who have technically mastered this art are practically endless. Further development of components, tool management and production planning offer great potential for cost-efficiency in the production of parts.  

More knowledge from us – more possibilities for you

Deep-drawn engine bonnets and ventilation grilles for tractors should be lightweight, above all. But they still have to fight flying stones, dirt and weathering. Having the most advanced methods and the most knowledge when it comes to producing extremely lightweight parts puts a manufacturer in the best position to continue improving the properties of the bonnets. It is precisely at this point when alongside all of the computer-aided processes and design and production techniques, a human touch becomes crucial. Our years of practical experience have helped us develop one thing above all: the ability to really fine-tune the process, and even more experience in controlling the powers of deep-drawing.

It is really important to know the changes in the flow behaviour of a perforated material intimately, to adapt the basic materials, define the ideal perforation quality and find the right drawing speed. And because we are particularly adept at doing that, we can offer our customers even more possibilities. How do they benefit? When they incorporate this knowledge early on in the planning phase, our special deep-drawing expertise can assure the quality of their product even during its development and reduce their costs.

Experience deep relaxation – even when investing in expensive deep-drawing tools

Deep-drawing tools are extreme. Extremely expensive, extremely heavy and extremely big. That’s why it’s good to keep a handle on all the extremes. After all, the tools used to produce a multi-component engine bonnet run in the hundreds of thousands of euros. Changes to the tools during the development phase are a huge time and cost factor. By using alternative production technologies for prototypes and employing our broad expanse of knowledge and years of expertise, we ensure that prototype maturity is very high by the time the first deep-drawing tool is manufactured.

The positive effect of this approach is that changes to the deep-drawing tool are avoided as far as possible. Once the tools reach series production, they enter a sophisticated storage system that allows for quick and efficient setup of the deep-drawing press. And just as important to the operation: skilful care and maintenance and precise configuration ensure that no substandard or faulty parts are produced. Efficiencies that we can pass on directly to our customers.

Skilful maintenance, storage and setup are essential elements of effective use of the tools

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Establishing quality standards in the supply chain

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