Even our exhaust pipe is up on top, which puts us right on the front line.

When it comes to tractors, Fendt leads the field in Europe. And when the number one on the continent launches a special model in its new 900 Vario heavy tractor series and calls it Black Beauty, it is making a statement. At SOLVARO, we are extremely happy that we are supplying a highlight for the ambitious Fendt agricultural vehicle in the form of a stainless-steel exhaust pipe.

Looks hot, but it won’t burn your fingers.

This model has a hot look that is unusual for tractors of its kind. The exhaust pipe that SOLVARO developed and produced in 1.4301 2 R/III D cold rolled steel also provides extensive contact and heat protection. The punched, offset round holes (Rv 12 – 27,72) create a free passage of 17% that assures optimal heat dissipation. The outer contour and lettering are lasered before a special welding process gives the sheet its precisely dimensioned final shape.

Brilliant production – brilliant delivery.

Of course, we came up with a special solution to keep the sensitive bright surface of the Fendt flagship’s exhaust pipe from being scratched during production and transport. During production, a special-purpose film protects the piece – and for transporting it to Fendt, we developed custom grille cartons that fix the pipes in place. We were more than successful at going beyond the limit to accomplish this mission. And it also means that we played a part in assuring that the Fendt special model ‘Black Beauty’ was awarded the red dot international design prize and received a Silver Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany.

  • Cylindrical exhaust pipe with bright surface, made of 1.4301 2 R/III D cold rolled steel
  • Round holes (Rv 12 – 27,72) for heat dissipation means reliable heat and contact protection 
  • Lasered outer contour including lettering
  • Custom-developed, optimal machining-to-delivery surface protection 


        The stainless steel exhaust pipe for Fendt offers next to its appealing look optimal heat dissipation.

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