Beliefs and principles

We stand out from the crowd – and that’s a fact!

Other companies may have values, but we have firmly held beliefs that we live by in our work on a daily basis. Thanks to our ingenuity, insatiable curiosity, unwavering dedication and commitment from the word go, we will respond to your enquiry with a perfectly tailored answer in metal form every time, often coming up with solutions that our customers didn’t even think possible beforehand. This is what makes us different to other manufacturers.

We have proven success as a partner to leading companies and a specialisation in the development and production of perforated sheets. Plus, we encourage our employees to be creative and innovative to ensure that we are in a position to offer you the best possible solution every time as we look ahead to the future. This approach adds to our appeal as a supplier as well as an employer.

Backed up by our expert knowledge, flexible and efficient processes, responsible approach to resources and high quality standards, we are continuing to grow. As we do so, we will never fail to impress you with our extensive portfolio of premium products and services that help make your work easier.

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Optimisation not only makes components better – it pays off in other ways as well

Prism, a leading manufacturer of server and data cabinets, has been our customer for over five years. Naturally our work for them has included collaborating on the further development of components for the ventilated doors. With the latest generation of our components, this British manufacturer has eliminated a work step and freed up valuable...

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Beautiful for the eyes as well as the ears

Perforated speaker covers ensure stability and protection and produce coveted ‘good vibrations’. The RCF column speaker with SOLVARO grille provides perfect sound and an elegant aesthetic.

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Pimp your production.

Call it customising, tuning or even ‘pimping’ – that’s what we did to turn our new Salvagnini L5 laser system into a top performer for production. You’re sure to love the results!

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Collaboration early-on turns good engineering into perfect engineering

The Scandinavian tractor manufacturer VALTRA, who are part of the AGCO Group, has won a number of awards for their current models recently. Tuomas Vanhatalo, Purchaser at VALTRA knows this is no reason to take a rest. Already working on the next generation of tractors he cooperates with suppliers early on in the project. SOLVARO develops and...

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Romania’s latest Top Model

In its new generation of agricultural tractors, IRUM is not only optimising the performance of these machines but is also giving them a facelift including SOLVARO ventilation grilles. This approach is sure to appeal to a new young generation of well qualified farmers.

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Deep-drawing: reduce costs and raise quality

Deep-drawing perforated components calls for very particular expertise. The possibilities available to those who have technically mastered this art are practically endless. Further development of components, tool management and production planning offer great potential for cost-efficiency in the production of parts.

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