Hammering out solutions: a prototype with low tool costs

Once CAD and theory have done their bit, it’s time to put a component to the test. It’s a challenge that developers are only too familiar with – prototypes can be expensive due to the tool costs involved. There is also a high risk of costly tool modifications at this early stage of development. With some of our customers such as the AGCO Group brands, we manage to avoid having to manufacture costly tools in the beginning. Using new moulds or moulds that customers already have and a network of suppliers, we create high-quality hammer-formed models which are ideally suited to testing.  This keeps your design flexible while nevertheless affordably bringing your project a major step closer to mass production.

Hammered out and ready to install

A ready-to-install hammer-formed model of our air grilles or engine covers is ideal for initial bench testing. You can test air permeability and installation without having to make any definitive decisions, giving both you and us a valuable insight into a component’s feasibility and further development. We work with hammer-formed moulds cut out of inexpensive steel or aluminium. The prototype is created by hammering what is usually soft-annealed sheet metal into shape on a negative mould. It may sound simple, but it takes a while to learn how to do this, and it takes a great deal of skilled hammering to produce a prototype.

Tool-based savings

As the end product’s original material is used, the quality of the hammer-formed model is very close to that of the product. We make savings because there is no need to use a thermoforming tool – the costs involved in using such a tool can quickly amount to a six-figure sum. So if you make such a financial commitment, you have to be certain that the tool will subsequently be used for mass production. The cost of a negative mould for the hammer-formed model is significantly lower in comparison. Customers’ moulds can also be used upon request. Depending on the project, there are other efficient work opportunities, such as a mould that can be used for multiple prototypes of different lengths. As you can see, flexibility, creativity and close cooperation with everyone involved result in substantial savings.

The major advantage for you with a hammer-formed model is that design modifications are still possible in the next step. And because we see you through the next steps on your way to mass production, there is no chance of knowledge being lost along the way!

The solution at a glance:

  • Hammer-formed prototype for tests
  • Hammer-formed mould made of steel or aluminium
  • The end product’s original material
  • Low tool costs compared with thermoforming
  • Design modifications still possible in the course of development
  • Knowledge is not lost, everything from a single source

Prototypes are hammered into shape on a negative mould of the part

Sample /prototype construction

Our first sample is the dress rehearsal for your order.

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Hammering out solutions: a prototype with low tool costs

Once CAD and theory have done their bit, it’s time to put a component to the test.

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