Packing a punch when it comes to shipment

Our parts delivery doesn’t finish at the customer’s incoming goods door. We make it our responsibility to also support our customers as best we can with the next steps in the manufacture of the end product. For example, we developed special packaging for the shipment of our customer Zollner’s server cabinet doors. This packaging is in line with Zollner’s internal requirements and makes it possible for items to be delivered directly to the finishing machine on the production line without the need for any unpacking or repacking.

Upright rather than laid flat – stillages rather than pallets

Due to their dimensions, server cabinet doors tend to be packed and laid flat on pallets for shipping. Measuring more than 1,858 mm in length and at widths of 320.2 mm and 578 mm, this would also be the easiest way to pack Zollner’s two-part cabinet doors. However, the premises where Zollner subsequently works on the cabinet doors aren’t big enough to accommodate pallets – the doors and corridors to the production line are too narrow. Repacking the doors there costs time and money. So we came up with the following solution for Zollner: the components are packed and stacked upright at SOLVARO in a stillage (800 mm x 1,200 mm). This is narrow enough for it to be moved around at Zollner and can easily be moved to its rightful place using a pallet jack.

Customised reusable packaging for 15,000 doors

Here’s how it works: the stillages are specially prepared in order to prevent damage during shipment. Spacers made of wood prevent metal from rubbing against metal. The individual components are additionally kept apart with cardboard packaging. There cannot be any scope for movement, so the stillages have to be completely full when shipped, each holding 42 components. The order quantities have therefore had to be adapted to this delivery method. The specially prepared stillages are in permanent circulation between the two companies. To date, more than 15,000 server cabinet doors have been securely delivered in this way for finishing.

The solution at a glance:

  • Alternative packaging and dispatch method for server cabinet doors
  • Space-saving upright shipment in specially prepared reusable stillages
  • No repacking necessary at the place of delivery
  • Direct delivery to the finishing location



The server cabinet doors can be shipped upright in the specially prepared stillages to save space.


We have the most dependable connections for reliable processes.

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Packing a punch when it comes to shipment

Our parts delivery doesn’t finish at the customer’s incoming goods door.

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We have plenty in store for you in the area of warehousing.

Want to have your components to hand at all times, but looking to reduce your own warehousing? If so, talk to us.

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Cream of the crop under Sugarloaf Mountain

It’s not rare to see beautiful things against the backdrop of Sugarloaf Mountain. And now Valtra Brazil’s offerings come complete with SOLVARO ventilation grilles. The partnership with Polirim do Brasil reveals just how highly the Brazilians value our exceptional quality standards. Three partners demonstrate that it is possible to collaborate with success across multiple national borders and with an ocean in between them.

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Pimp your production.

Call it customising, tuning or even ‘pimping’ – that’s what we did to turn our new Salvagnini L5 laser system into a top performer for production. You’re sure to love the results!

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Collaboration early-on turns good engineering into perfect engineering

The Scandinavian tractor manufacturer VALTRA, who are part of the AGCO Group, has won a number of awards for their current models recently. Tuomas Vanhatalo, Purchaser at VALTRA knows this is no reason to take a rest. Already working on the next generation of tractors he cooperates with suppliers early on in the project. SOLVARO develops and...

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Deep-drawing: reduce costs and raise quality

Deep-drawing perforated components calls for very particular expertise. The possibilities available to those who have technically mastered this art are practically endless. Further development of components, tool management and production planning offer great potential for cost-efficiency in the production of parts.

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Declaring war on particulate matter

Air pollution caused by exhaust gas is an especially acute problem in towns, cities and built-up areas. Our partner Eminox offers a variety of products that already almost entirely eliminate harmful substances from exhaust gas.

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Anything but without a plan: our management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001.

In order to achieve objectives, not only intentions but also a plan is needed. This also applies to environmental measures. The fact that we are consistently implementing our environmental protection plan and that we place great emphasis on the efficient use of natural resources is now confirmed by the certification of our environmental management...

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Trapezoid art on the bus

Do you think of trapezoids as airy works of art? You're right! Our developers have achieved just that with a wave-like trapezoid-shaped ventilation grille for buses - it's a work of art that provides extra air for engine cooling. Only recently Solaris, the Polish rising star among manufacturers of public transport vehicles, has started using the...

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Thanks to the great interest our creative engineering in favor of cost effective and flexible prototypes receives we are nominated for the BEST OF INDUSTRY AWARD 2018…

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