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The extra touch – top speed when loading and unloading

The L5 fibre laser system from Salvagnini is certainly a good machine already. But we thought to ourselves, ‘We can get more out of this for our customers.’ But how do you get even more performance out of a machine that is already really powerful? The solution: we developed a clever loading and unloading system. The core reasoning behind it was that by optimising the use of the table we would be able to reduce the cycle time. Essentially we succeeded thanks to a stroke of genius: create a multisheet function so that multiple sheets could be placed on the 1500 mm × 3000 mm table!

The result – a perfect laser show for our customers

The machine’s speed increased enormously. There are virtually no scratches because despite its speed, the system is designed to operate with extreme precision and care. And all this on a relatively small surface. It’s a win on all fronts – for us and our customers!

The benefit – more perforated parts of the finest quality

The optimised 4-kW fibre laser system is not just fast but also produces very high cutting quality. Nevertheless, in order to get optimal results with perforated components, an extra camera system with hole pattern detection was installed. At lightning speed, the camera scans the part to be cut and initiates the perfect positioning of the sheet on the cutting table. The result: high-tech generates high customer satisfaction.

The solution at a glance:

  • 4 kW fibre laser cutting machine
  • High cutting quality
  • High speed
  • Camera system with hole pattern detection
  • Loading and unloading system with
    • Multisheet function
    • Low-scratch loading and unloading
    • High speed
    • Low space requirement



The cutting quality and speed of the 4-kW fibre laser system are incredible – but only after customisation is it possible to make optimal use of them for SOLVARO components.

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Collaboration early-on turns good engineering into perfect engineering

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Romania’s latest Top Model

In its new generation of agricultural tractors, IRUM is not only optimising the performance of these machines but is also giving them a facelift including SOLVARO ventilation grilles. This approach is sure to appeal to a new young generation of well qualified farmers.

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Deep-drawing: reduce costs and raise quality

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Air pollution caused by exhaust gas is an especially acute problem in towns, cities and built-up areas. Our partner Eminox offers a variety of products that already almost entirely eliminate harmful substances from exhaust gas.

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Anything but without a plan: our management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001.

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