Romania’s latest Top Model

In its new generation of agricultural tractors, IRUM is not only optimising the performance of these machines but is also giving them a facelift including SOLVARO ventilation grilles. This approach is sure to appeal to a new young generation of well qualified farmers.

Tradition meets innovation

Although founded as a state-run company 65 years ago, IRUM has been operating as a private entity since 1999. Since then the manufacturer of agricultural machinery, which rose to become Romania's leading brand thanks to its customer-oriented approach, has concentrated on forestry equipment. After extensive and intensive research and development, the Romanian manufacturer is now launching a new generation of farming tractors, the TAGRO, on the market. The complete makeover of this traditional line of machines is set to impress farmers with small and medium-sized operations in both Romania and the rest of Europe.

A cool look for cool engines

The compact, easy-to-manoeuvre starter tractor not only has an appealing price tag. The unmistakeable IRUM look has been optimised with three ventilation grilles in the bonnet, which give it new aesthetic appeal as well as provide optimal cooling to the engine. The 1.0 mm thick DC 05 steel grilles feature 
2.2–2.8 staggered round perforation with an open area of 56%. SOLVARO uses its deep-drawing expertise in several ways in the manufacture of the grilles. Both side grilles are deep-drawn in two areas. The plastic bonnet is positioned between the deep-drawn sections. For this area we found a solution, which prevents the thin areas between the holes from being torn and doesn't affect the aesthetics.  This in turn allows the side grilles to be manufactured as a single component and leads to massive savings when using the deep-drawing tools. The front grille is also deep-drawn and features an especially attractive IRUM emblem mounted in the middle.

The parts are CDP and powder-coated to protect them from weathering and flying stones.

The solution at a glance:

  • 3 ventilation grilles for tractor bonnet
  • DC 05 steel, 1.00 mm thick
  • 2.2–2.8 staggered round perforation
  • Air permeability of 56%
  • Deburred
  • 3D Deep-drawn
  • CDP and powder-coated



The IRUM Tagro 102 – a sleek look featuring SOLVARO ventilation grilles

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