Trapezoid art on the bus

Do you think of trapezoids as airy works of art? You’re right! Our developers have achieved just that with a wave-like trapezoid-shaped ventilation grille for buses – it’s a work of art that provides extra air for engine cooling. Only recently Solaris, the Polish rising star among manufacturers of public transport vehicles, has started using the grilles in its products.

Success without stress

Over the course of a good two decades, Solange and Krzysztof Olszewski transformed SOLARIS Bus & Coach S.A. from a young business to an industry powerhouse. Among other things, the innovative Polish family-run company is a BUS OF THE YEAR 2017 winner and leader in electric buses on the European market. In the small village of Bolechowo near Poznań, Poland, it’s not just state-of-the-art vehicles that come to life, but new ideas as well: a team of developers consistently brings the vehicles to the next technical level, again and again. In close collaboration with our team, the SOLVARO ventilation grilles also undergo constant optimisation, from initial prototype to series production. The process keeps on running until all of the requirements are exactly in place – both technically and aesthetically. 

An airy look that makes waves

Whether they have conventional drives, CNG (gas) or hybrid engines, buses from Solaris save fuel also thanks to good engine cooling. A contribution to keep the engine at a stable temperature is provided by our ventilation grilles, made of 1.2 mm sheet steel. Their trapezoid shape offers especially good stability, shielding the engine from dirt and flying stones without compromising on the amount of air circulating inside. And not only is the air inside not reduced, the hexagonal
6.5–7.3 perforation actually achieves very good air permeability of 80 % even when flat sheet metal is used. But this is where the wave-like shape comes into play: it increases the air-permeable area of the parts even more, further adding to the overall ventilation. Not least, CDP and powder coating ensure that the ‘artistic’ sheet metal sections stay rust-free in the long term. To the everlasting amazement of all.

Don’t forget, you can even place small batch orders with us – thanks to our tool range, which has grown extensively over time, we are often able to fill small orders cost-effectively.

The solution at a glance

  • Ventilation grilles for buses 
  • 1.20 mm sheet steel
  • Hexagonal 6.5–7.3 perforation
  • Wave-like trapezoid shape for stability and even better ventilation
  • Air permeability of 80 % 
  • CDP and powder-coated finish
  • Small batch orders possible thanks to extensive range of tools



A staggering amount of air for Solaris: the wave-like shape maximises the air permeability of the ventilation grilles with hexagonal perforation.

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