Truck ventilation grilles roll off the production line

Automation is playing an increasingly significant role within our production concept. It is important to us that decisions on investments are not based solely on batch sizes. With our latest system, procured to produce truck ventilation grilles, we have therefore once again considered flexibility rather than focusing all our attention on speed.

Synchronous productivity

The transfer system – custom-made for us – transports our ventilation grilles through the machine for several forming steps performed synchronously with the press. But the system actually starts working before the forming begins. It takes the sheet metal to be processed from the pile, which isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. Whilst similar systems usually rely on suction devices for this step, they aren’t an option for us since the holes stop them from attaching properly. So, our system uses a magnet here instead. Additionally, it is difficult to ensure that only one metal sheet is picked up at a time because the perforation tends to cause them to stick firmly together. The system checks this automatically and the sheet metal then enters the machine on a conveyor belt before being aligned perfectly there. Magnets and grippers then transport the component from station to station. At the end, a unit takes it to be checked and packaged up.

Dismantle with ease and set up in no time

There is no complicated dismantling process for when the system is not being used. The carriage remains with the press but is simply lifted up by a special unit so that it is kept clear of the work area that needs to be used to produce other parts on the press. And when it is time to use the system again, the set-up time is minimal.

The solution at a glance:

  • Transfer system used to produce formed ventilation grilles
  • Fully automated processes to supply parts to the press and then align and transport them
  • Fast production speed
  • Minimal time required for set-up

Components can be formed multiple times much more quickly with the transfer system for producing ventilation grilles.

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