We have plenty in store for you in the area of warehousing.

Want to have your components to hand at all times, but looking to reduce your own warehousing? If so, talk to us. We can make you independent of production times and also enable you to produce in just the right batch sizes thanks to tailored solutions based on consignment warehousing or conventional warehouse items stored by us with agreed delivery times.

No warehouse, but everything at your disposal all the same

You no longer have to invest in your own warehouse in order to enjoy the benefits of the flexible availability of components – something which entails a high degree of capital commitment and also investment risk. Consignment warehousing, be it on your own company’s grounds or somewhere nearby, makes parts available without your having to have them in your possession already. We offer our customers a variety of solutions. For example, we team up with haulage companies that coordinate other parts for other suppliers’ customers in the same warehouse or we organise a warehouse exclusively for you. There are all sorts of options, depending on your needs.

Ready when needed

In the case of items that we store for you at our production plant, the delivery time is reduced to a short management and shipping time. This option makes you independent of fluctuations in your requirements as well as independent of our production times. Carefully planned warehouse production also allows for optimum production batch sizes.

The solution at a glance 

  • Tailored warehousing solutions 
  • Instant component availability  
  • Production in optimum batch sizes
  • No need for investments in your own warehouse 
  • Low capital commitment
  • Compensate for fluctuations in forecasts 



Instant component availability and production in optimum batch sizes are made possible by warehousing solutions.


We have the most dependable connections for reliable processes.

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Packing a punch when it comes to shipment

Our parts delivery doesn’t finish at the customer’s incoming goods door.

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We have plenty in store for you in the area of warehousing.

Want to have your components to hand at all times, but looking to reduce your own warehousing? If so, talk to us.

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Cream of the crop under Sugarloaf Mountain

It’s not rare to see beautiful things against the backdrop of Sugarloaf Mountain. And now Valtra Brazil’s offerings come complete with SOLVARO ventilation grilles. The partnership with Polirim do Brasil reveals just how highly the Brazilians value our exceptional quality standards. Three partners demonstrate that it is possible to collaborate with success across multiple national borders and with an ocean in between them.

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Pimp your production.

Call it customising, tuning or even ‘pimping’ – that’s what we did to turn our new Salvagnini L5 laser system into a top performer for production. You’re sure to love the results!

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Collaboration early-on turns good engineering into perfect engineering

The Scandinavian tractor manufacturer VALTRA, who are part of the AGCO Group, has won a number of awards for their current models recently. Tuomas Vanhatalo, Purchaser at VALTRA knows this is no reason to take a rest. Already working on the next generation of tractors he cooperates with suppliers early on in the project. SOLVARO develops and...

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Deep-drawing: reduce costs and raise quality

Deep-drawing perforated components calls for very particular expertise. The possibilities available to those who have technically mastered this art are practically endless. Further development of components, tool management and production planning offer great potential for cost-efficiency in the production of parts.

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Declaring war on particulate matter

Air pollution caused by exhaust gas is an especially acute problem in towns, cities and built-up areas. Our partner Eminox offers a variety of products that already almost entirely eliminate harmful substances from exhaust gas.

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Anything but without a plan: our management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001.

In order to achieve objectives, not only intentions but also a plan is needed. This also applies to environmental measures. The fact that we are consistently implementing our environmental protection plan and that we place great emphasis on the efficient use of natural resources is now confirmed by the certification of our environmental management...

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Trapezoid art on the bus

Do you think of trapezoids as airy works of art? You're right! Our developers have achieved just that with a wave-like trapezoid-shaped ventilation grille for buses - it's a work of art that provides extra air for engine cooling. Only recently Solaris, the Polish rising star among manufacturers of public transport vehicles, has started using the...

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Thanks to the great interest our creative engineering in favor of cost effective and flexible prototypes receives we are nominated for the BEST OF INDUSTRY AWARD 2018…

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