SOLVARO products and services offer a high quality. In order to be able to ensure such products in the long run, we require strong associates. In our partnerships we value a high process confidence, trustworthiness and attentive service – moreover, SOLVARO also holds delivery reliability very dearly.

If you happen to be interested in cooperative work, then you can acquaint yourselves with our diverse range of services and products in the following segments. Furthermore, we provide download material for contact support.

Innovative and flexible component parts also require high flexibility on the part of the suppliers. At this point, a correspondingly active cost management is even more relevant for us, so that we can keep engaging in quality while being able to work with economical, market competitive conditions.

For you, IATF 16949 is an obvious advantage. For us, DIN ISO 9001 outlines the minimum requirement.

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Oszkár Gere
Strategic Purchasing
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The framework for long-term cooperation

For the supply of steel and other metal products, standard coils, slit strip, sheets and other blanks mainly:

Für nachfolgend genannte Bearbeitungsbereiche als Zulieferer verlängerte Werkbank unserer Produktion:

For the development and production of tools:

We are distancing ourselves from:

We stand for:

  1. We would like to get to know you better. Please send us the signed Supplier Self-Assessment and the signed Code of Conduct.
  2. The signed confidentiality agreement serves as the basis for a successful cooperation and subsequent discussions.
  3. If required, we also implement a potential analysis and/or a corresponding supplier audit to ensure that an action plan is reviewed.
  4. After successful analyses we define a quality assurance agreement. In addition further contracts, such as supply contracts, are also signed.

Successful and long-term partnerships can achieve great things in cooperation. The foundation of a good cooperation is a close and constructive exchange between the parties.
We at SOLVARO take the review of our partnerships very seriously and also expect professional responses from all parties involved, as rapid and effective action may also be required.

Complaint 8D-Report:

Complaints are part of the normal process. However, we expect an honest and professional response, especially in the case of complaints.
Any complaints must be responded to using the 8D report sent by us and immediate action must be taken within 48 hours or within 8 days.