Protection for extreme demands

Compact and powerful zero-tail excavators are designed for extreme requirements. In demanding construction site operations, they manoeuvre in the tightest of spaces – even heavy stone impacts are the order of the day. The body must be designed to be correspondingly robust, and at the same time, for many manufacturers, it must meet the modern design requirements of the excavators. These specifications pose a challenge, especially for the production of the deep drawn grills at the exposed front of the vehicle.

Together with a leading manufacturer of construction machinery, Solvaro has taken on this special challenge. In development work in partnership, it was decided to use a combination of Hv 4.5-5.3 perforation with 1.5 mm thick sheet metal – an unusual but very successful solution.

During the subsequent deep drawing on the Galdabini deep drawing press, the modern design requirements of the excavator had to be taken into account. The challenge was to create a seamless transition between the metal part and the plastic bonnet by means of a moulded edge. Thanks to years of deep drawing experience and a great deal of dexterity, the perforated metal component now bears the manufacturer’s unmistakable design signature. Another special feature in terms of appearance: Around 90 % of the perforated metal sheets are finished in yellow, which is typical for construction sites, but the rest is painted in various shades.

The project success at a glance:

  • Extremely resistant deep drawn part with Hv 4.5-5.3 perforation and 1.5 mm sheet thickness
  • 72 % free cross-section for optimum air passage
  • Seamless transition from metal part to plastic hood

Solvaro service spectrum: project and design consulting, engineering and development, punching, deburring, deep drawing, laser trimming, KTL coating, powder coating

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Head of Application Engineering
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