Update: Current situation regarding Covid-19

All areas of our company are currently operating without any restrictions.

We will be happy to provide you with information about the protective measures we have taken to ensure an undisturbed workflow and the best possible delivery security during the coronavirus pandemic.

Measures within our organisation

We ensure that our employees have as little direct contact as possible with one another. There are a number of measures in the workplace and a reorganisation of work processes that have been implemented.

The distance and hygiene rules apply throughout the company.

In order to be able to ensure this, our employees work divided into groups, if possible alternating weekly from home.

We have implemented additional measures for workplaces where it is difficult to keep the distance:

  • New office space has been provided for production-related activities in order to remove employees from the production area
  • Secure access to the production area
  • Fixed allocation of employees to the shifts, no cross-shift contacts
  • The shift change takes place without personal encounters between employees from other cohorts
  • The contact surfaces at the workplaces are cleaned between the shifts
  • Breaks are staggered
  • Visits to the company are only allowed in exceptional cases and then take place under strict rules
  • Deliveries and collections

Measures in cooperation with suppliers and logistics companies

We are in constant contact with our suppliers and partners to ensure that the supply chain is guaranteed.

Our long-term relationships allow an open approach and open communication about possible problems and finding solutions together. This includes timely announcements before bottlenecks become visible, as well as querying the company’s own proactive measures to secure the situation.


General assessment

The developments of the last few months have shown that in general there can be rapidly developing situations to which it is not always possible to quickly react satisfactorily. The last few months have shown us in particular that we as a company are part of a network of reliable, agile and flexible partners, strong companies with support. With special commitment, ideas for problem solving and the necessary flexibility, we can continue to react together in the best possible way to the developing situations.


Best possible security for you: individual measures

In addition to the aforementioned general measures, we can advise you on possible individual measures between our companies.

Please contact your usual contact person.



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