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When developing the award-winning design of the new Valtra A 104, the manufacturer opted for a striking combination of plastic and metal for the engine bonnet, with the deep-drawn sections of both materials looking particularly amazing. The way the parts look to merge seamlessly into one another is crucial to the design – and something of a challenge for the production and assembly teams.

Beautiful, cool, cost-efficient

With their hexagonal 2–2.5 perforation in staggered rows, the three ventilation grilles built into the plastic bonnet of the Valtra A 104 create an open area of 64%. This guarantees enough ventilation in the engine compartment, whilst also providing protection against dust, dirt and stone impacts. But this tractor doesn’t only have its outstanding performance going for it – it also boasts a beautifully attractive design. Both of these qualities are the result of our technicians working with the Valtra developers long before they even came up with the first prototype. From the word go, they knew they needed to ensure that the perforated metal blended in perfectly with the plastic in the bonnet. Valtra originally came up with the idea of adding two reinforcements to the parts to make this possible, but for our production team, this would have meant at least two adjustable tools – and therefore high tool costs. During the development process, we were able to show that with SOLVARO parts a single reinforcement was fully sufficient for perfectly maintaining the visual design line – a development discovery that ultimately resulted in a reduction in tools and a significant saving in production. So we ended up with an A 104 that has a cool design and a cool price as well as a cool engine.

The solution at a glance:

  • Ventilation grille made of perforated metal
  • Hexagonal 2–2.5 perforation in staggered rows
  • 64% air permeability
  • Deep-drawn and EDP- and powder-coated
  • Ready for installation, with a design that looks to merge seamlessly with the plastic parts in the bonnet

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